Age Sex Location (ASL) considers what it means to perform desire in text, through the practice of ‘sexting’. We watch eight performers encounter each other in anonymous chatrooms over a series of episodes. Follow these performers, literally and sensorially, as they perform desire, for themselves, for each other, and for you.


HOW TO ACCESS THE PERFORMANCE - https://tinyurl.com/viewasl

Entry Free, viewer discretion advised.

Nov 5 and 6 (8- 9 PM, simultaneous performances on both links)



Nov 8 (8 - 9 PM, the ASL ensemble)


Conceived by Ranjana Dave

Performers: Abhisikta Dasgupta, Anisha Anantpurkar, Darshana Mini, Jasmine Yadav, RT, Sangram Mukhopadhyay, Sujay Saple, Vikrant Dhote