Follow these simple instructions to access and contribute to the Toolkit.

1. Paste this link into a web browser -

2. You will find yourself in the lobby of the ASL Studio. Click on 'Enter Room'.

3. Once you are in the room, you can move through the space by using the W and S keys on your keyboard to zoom in and out, A and D to go left or right, and Q and E to turn around the room. You can use the 'create' button - the central pink button to add images, videos or URLs. Clicking on it takes you to a repository of objects you can add to the room. You also have the option of choosing to upload an attachment of your choice, or pasting a URL to another webpage. The attachment or webpage will then be displayed in the room. Make sure you 'pin' the object so it stays in the room - if you don't, it will disappear as soon as you leave and other visitors will not be able to see it.